HEY GUYS !!!! I am so excited to announce that I am taking my first step into becoming a professional speaker and I am so excited and scared as well but regardless of it, I felt like I should write a little on building confidence as a girl or a woman or as an individual in general. A lot of us do not reach into our creative sides because we are scared of people looking down on us because we are not pretty enough or cool enough, I recently read Meryl Streep’s story and I must say I was profoundly motivated because I feel a lot of times we turn down our dreams and instead focus on irrelevant things like “will they like me” or “will they think i am good enough”,how long will we ask for other peoples permission on how to live our lives and start putting our dreams first. “BE THE CHANGE YOU WANT TO SEE” You know how we all say goals when we see a particular celebrity or a person we admire ,well if all that person did was shout goals, I don’t think they would have become or come as far as they have so take an active step into your future. If you want to write,speak,blog or learn to ride a bike, Now is the time not next year and not tomorrow either but today. If beauty standards is what is holding you back then drop it all and BE YOU, THE PERFECT YOU, NEVER DIM YOUR LIGHT FOR ANYONE. 🍀.- IF YOU SEE A SMALL BUSINESS TRY AND SUPPORT BECAUSE YOU MAY HAVE JUST CHANGED A PERSON’S LIFE🍀 THANKS FOR READING ❤ I HOPE THIS HAS HELPED YOU AS IT HAS HELPED ME😘



HELLO! My name is Temitayo Catherine ,welcome to my blog I will like to introduce myself so you can get to know me better.


  • I am a CHRISTIAN and a believer
  • I cannot dance or sing or act 😥
  • I don’t think I have any hidden talents
  • I am probably the laziest writer in the world
  • I can swim and draw
  • I am a makeup artist but i don’t wear makeup
  • I over analyse situations and think too much
  • I am a day dreamer and I tend to zone out a lot
  • I love aminé and kehlani
  • I am obsessed with the 90’s
  • I love African literature
  • I have stage fright but i would like to be a speaker in the future
  • My dream job will be as a soul singer or a traveller or a pro writer
  • I am a wedding planner as well
  • I am currently in school studying accounting
  • I am always in search for new hobbies
  • MY biggest inspiration is my family and everyone who stands for what they believe in and does not let the world dictate what they can or cannot do

SUGGESTIONS,OPINIONS and COMMENTS are always appreciated and I will also like to get to know you too❤

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